You must have forgotten the slight beef between Ruger and BNXN, Ruger replied a fan who once tweeted BNXN is bigger than him, today was another shocking case where Ruger fired at BNXN saying ‘Talk to me after you get a solo hit Read on:

Why are this two Sharing unfriendly Vibes with Each other? now this is not just a comparison that could be over looked Hope it doesn’t lead to Something else where Big stars like this end up Gnashing their teeths like how our Big stars would and always stay Under their shadow of pain and Agony

Having looked back at the past of the Two Afrobeats Legends who have always been in Comparison for the past 10 years with each other by fans It was the case of fans Creating unnatural hate and competitions between Wizkid and Davido now the two have seriously trolled each other which has lead to the Stars staying very far apart from each other.

Where am I going to? If you can remember the last beef between Ruger and BNXN (these Afrobeats stars) had, you could not just unthink the Whole crazy Scenario it was pretty Hilarious, a fan came on Twitter saying BNXN was a Bigger star than Ruger.

Ruger trashed BNXN and strictly pointed out that BNXN is not a bigger star than him the story Progressed with Comments saying a retarded fool from somewhere would just pick up his/her phone with the 10mb mtn gave to them to cause hate and misunderstandings between the two Stars, some one who has not eaten in a Long while would Come online with his 3% battery and mislead these stars maybe its because of the level of Unemployment we have in the country someone noted. but there was no doubt that the fan was deriving something

From what he was doing and it’s Obviously joy. Still not funny though

In the post, BNXN used the caption “What if I, What if I, What if I…Cook” which is likely a derivation of Ruger’s hit single ‘Girlfriend’.

Ruger didn’t find it funny in any way
as the Nigerian Ragga king fired back at BNXN he couldn’t digest it that BNXN was on his nerves

A shocking reply revealed that Ruger tweeted “Get a Solo hit then talk to me Fatty Bum Bum”
He said in an open attack to BNXN

Recalling the other scenario in which they dragged themselves all over the streets of Twitter; cause a fan once caused misunderstanding between the two having tweeted “BNXN was a Bigger star than Ruger”

And an unhappy Ruger fired back at him, saying that Unlike him BNXN had no Solo hit pointing out that BNXN was only good on features and never on singles.


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